It’s Cold. Thinking Warm Thoughts Might Help…

So it’s a rather cold and rainy day here in North GA, and on this cold and rainy day, I am reminded of the warmth and sunshine of summer (mentally, not physically of course. It’s cold here!). One of the warm and sunny places that I would like to visit right now is the big island of Kona, Hawaii. Clear blue water and sandy beaches… who’s with me?! One of the big perks of visiting this big island would be the coffee. I am personally a big fan of Kona coffee, and would give my right, no…maybe left (?), arm for good cup of Kona right now. Not really of course, but that’s how bad I want some. It would be dual purpose… warm me up and take me to Hawaii if only in my dreams. On a side note, since it is Christmas time and we are talking about Hawaii, my mind is actually wandering towards Clark Griswold peering through his kitchen window looking onto a fantasy backyard pool with Mele Kalikimaka playing. After all, it is Hawaii’s way to say Merry Christmas to you.

And… back to the cold and rain and thoughts of Kona coffee. It is often described as smooth, delicate and full-bodied with a bright flavor and rich aroma. Mouth watering is how I would describe it, but we will stick with the experts opinion. I would encourage you to try some out, but make sure you get the good stuff, the 100% Kona if you can. Don’t be fooled by these “blends” out there although they aren’t bad either if I’m being totally honest. I sometimes get my coffee from this place online called Coffee AM. They are awesome and have so many varieties to choose from, your mind will explode. Check them out, seriously.

Well, I am off to go sit in front of the fire place to warm up and watch some Christmas movies. I’m thinking National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is in order now. Enjoy your evening!



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